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Submitted on
January 6, 2013


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Congratulations Competitors!- Critique and List

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 6, 2013, 8:59 PM
:star: Congratulations Competitors :star:

Below is a series of lists for each guild of who made it through to the next round-- BUT FIRST

We would like to give some general critique on the entries.

As we judged, we noticed several common problems that were consistent with most of the entries.

We're listing it below so you can keep in mind what we all look for in future rounds.  If you want to score high marks, take a look at this list and keep it in mind.

:below:  :below:  :below:  :below:  :below:  :below:  :below:  :below:  :below:  :below:  :below:  :below:  :below:


- Write your story as if the audience knows nothing about Duality. Would the average person understand and enjoy this comic if the happened across it?

- With regards to battles, make them interesting! Steam rolling your opponent is no fun and won't win you any points. Think about action scenes in movies or TV and how they're portrayed. How quickly would you lose interest if the main character breezed through every obstacle?

- Show some resolution! Don't leave your Rounds open ended with the intent to wrap it up depending on the mod's decision because it makes your comic look unfinished which will lose you points. Those lost points could cost you. Assume you'll win and write your story that way.

- Dialogue. As a general rule of thumb, dialogue should be used to:
1. Advance the story
2. Provide information (about characters, setting, etc)
If your dialogue isn't doing something along those lines, then there's a fair chance you can edit it out without your story suffering.


- The mods did not read any apps before looking at comics, which means all we learned about your character is what you chose to tell us in your comics. If we walked away without even learning your character's NAME, then there was a problem. This was your chance to introduce us to your characters and let us grow attatched to them. We can't do that if we know nothing about them!

- Give us some motivation! Why did you character want to join the Guild? Are they interested in the upcoming war or do they simply not care? Do they have any opinions on it? Always ask yourself WHY your character is doing something and then SHOW it in your comic.

:bulletyellow: Objective:

- The first solution is usually the most obvious, which is why we suggest to avoid it. Chances are, a lot of other contestants came to that solution as well which will make it harder for your comic to stand out. Be creative. Be unique. Examine it from all angles.

- If you're not sure about something, ask! The mods are here for your convenience. If you're not sure if your plan falls under the rules, then ask us and we will be happy to discuss it with you! You won't lose points if we know what the plan is in advance. You will lose points if you fail to follow the rules because you never checked.

:bulletgreen: Effort:
- Avoid spelling errors. Have someone else proofread your work before submitting it to the group. Constant and consistent typos are an easy way to make your comic look unprofessional and it distracts from your story. If you don't know someone, then ask the group! We're a pretty friendly community and we're sure you'll find someone willing to read over your comic.

- Don't neglect the setting. We know that a lot of people struggle with backgrounds, but it doesn't have to be a masterpiece. You are awarded points for making an EFFORT.

:bulletblue: Art:

- SHOW, don't tell. If your character is angry, don't have them say "I am angry", SHOW us that they're angry. If your character is a master hunter, then SHOW them hunting masterfully. If your character is looking for shelter, SHOW that, don't just tell us.

Pettyartist has put together a little walkthrough explaining this out a bit:…

:above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above: :above:

Now that you've all read that , here are the advancing competitors from each guild (in no particular order)!

::Edit:: I added in people's usernames so there's less confussion

:bulletpurple: THIEVES :bulletpurple:

1. Hornet Nyapapa
2.  Ren lixelated
3. Inuko mr-tiaa
4. Vic The-Hybrid-Mobian
5. Drysi Krazy-Kaitie
6. Farah Samantai
7. Aurora WingedNovelist
8. Blair ChocolateMilkLOL
9. Juliet ClashoftheBunnies
10. Hildegarde OtmaBouth
11. Laila AbovethePlanets
12. Pants Zerochan923600
13. Terrowin WackyTwillight
14. Muriel Bandannamania
15. Ashley Karret
16. Adolpha lugiamaster
17. Maeve RukaSwift
18. Drelia bruceliane
19. Rat Genaleah
20. Luhre spartan990
21. Cypress Kotsuso
22. Schwer scrap-paper22
23. Robyn Raedio
24. Melody Awesome-Vince
25. Ratt Zexion-the-gamer
26. Mirela jackhatts
27. Raevyn SteelFeathers
28. Lee ShinjiRyuu
29. Rachel weasel-warrior
30. Gael J-Cartoons
31. Sae oofuchibioo
32. Logan PrincePizzaParty

:bulletblue: MAGES :bulletblue:

1. Dinah Umbrielle
2. Sapphire finra
3. Coza biscuitcrumbs
4. Ishmael MaxVesta
5. Surya Protocol00
6. Yao Strat Moonania
7. Isolde Bealicey
8. Esmer arkeis-pokemon
9. Elwyn Norbiester
10. Ismay saltpixie
11. Roger DiseasedBear
12. Zavia Owlbearz
13. Cholet b0409d
14. Robin CinnamoonAkia
15. Eglantine Patrona
16. Dacivilier Vuro
17. Nika aikiro
18. Elias azkainer
19. Pietro Crows-cry
20. Freya nicaranime
21. Ican Magnios
22. Peter 555Nexos555
23. Ludvik TeamPastaSalad
24. Atticus  Meta-Akira
25. Ender TheTimePolice
26. Skylar Reb320
27. Klein HopelessAce
28. Tamir dragonrider22
29. Leo Sparrow-Kaizu
30. Celil Master-Liafi
31. Mytho Mad-Plot-Bunny
32. Lynette inu-nutfan

:bulletorange: WARRIORS :bulletorange:

1. Caith April-Lily
2. Micare Jejunity
3. Lorette BlueEevee
4. Annabelle apple2017
5. Sean cocowoushi
6. Elise mahoumii
7. Aubrianne Bat-Lass
8. Rey Nicku
9. Kingsley applePAI
10. Abner sounri
11. Eric WforWumbo
12. Aesha justamuse
13. Feliks drawingFrog
14. Rhett CoryKatze
15. Micha Fire4dragon2
16. Sybbyl Juleshao
17. Rowin FatJose
18. Jenga Kaku-Mei
19. Gaen Cashe132
20. Triston ChaChaFox
21. Yue MixedLeaderRussell
22. Lester Semi-Charmed137
23. Axis Jexima
24. Roy Ritzuma
25. Amira feelingwhimsy
26. Syd FeralFighter
27. Eian blueflyfish
28. Damien Skele64
29. Tristan Shimetsuki-Hikaru
30. Marlow madgenius2013
31. Clifton BKrook
32. Merek MSchonberg

:bulletgreen: RANGERS :bulletgreen:

1. Lynn coldfire0007
2. Pidra sofiaaq
3. Reeve PunkOz
4. Lark Blizzardpaw
5. Eris realist-n
6. Kobe KikiGourgandine
7. Fir Filecreation
8. Aston piyostoria
9. Ingrid kuromizuouji
10. Wilt sevenluck
11. Yegor  Micka33
12. Satu andalsopineapples
13. Warin tttwigs
14. Mab Crimson-Cara
15. Robin Emberwyng
16. Caith oOSpellsingerOo
17. Edeka Puffy333
18. Arya JinxBiss
19. Neona StarLynxWish
20. Thomas MikeMoroney
21. Zahira Kebbige
22. Maya Alseida
23. Riley Tyncelu
24. Kaye TheRockingHorseFly
25. Georgaina TobiANN
26. Allen  ColdSniper7
27. Gideon CaptainDoghaus
28. Sel chihachi
29. Lady tara  Reganismyfirstname
30. Wibke temmybanana
31. Daya Skarmorei
32. Atryl Redwind36
Congrats again everyone!

:star: If you want critique on how you did specifically for this round, please note the group!  We're happy to tell you how you did in each category, what we liked about your and how you can improve!-- bear in mind there were over 200 entries and there are only 4 of us!  If we don't get to you right away, don't fret!  We WILL give you critique as soon as we can get to your ask! :star:

Note: If you did NOT advance but you would still like to contribute or have your character enact the plot out with the main characters, PLEASE transfer your character's app to an NPC form and resubmit it to the NPC folder!  
Obviously you will not be competing, but that doesn't mean you can't join in on the story from the NPC side of things!  We would love it if you stayed with us and cheered on the competitors as they advance and help make this OCT a outstanding and supportive community!

And remember:

Round one's prompt will be announced on JANUARY 9TH!

Hope you all are excited!

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Brandmuffin Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
Is it to late to ask why I didn't get through to round 1?
ShoelessCosmonaut Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
Nope! Just shoot us a note.
Brandmuffin Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
Okay, thanks!
manatiki Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Congratulations for the competitors :rose:
I'm really glad to see Hornet, Ashley, Inuko and other awesome characters on the list.

I didn't pass, but I wasn't really expecting to pass anyway.
and actually I don't know how I'd manage to work on the next rounds since I barely made my preliminary in time.

I'll turn my character into an NPC and still make part of the Duality fun. thanks for the opportunity.

can I receive my score ? and if possible the critique as well... I want to improve for my further octs...
How do I proceed ? Should I send a note ?
ShoelessCosmonaut Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
Just shoot us a note and we'll get back to you with your score.
Pug-In-The-Mug Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Didnt make it. But I knew I wouldnt, it was pretty obvious XD
ThePuertoRicanDragon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Houshounah... I missed... bother. Due to potential external issues, I am not planning on making her an NPC just yet.
BlackSteelSeishirou Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Can you get a critique if you didn't get in?
ShoelessCosmonaut Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
BlackSteelSeishirou Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
okay. Thank you. ^^
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