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Welcome to Duality!

:star: ROUND 5 Deadline: 5th January 2014 11:59 PM Est :star:

Competitive Applications are closed, but we're still accepting NPCs!

:bulletblack: Story

:bulletblack: Applications

:bulletblack: Prize List

:bulletblack: Pokemon List

:bulletblack: FAQ and Rules

:bulletblack: Duality Chat (may not work for Google Chrome users)

:bulletblack: For access to Skype Chat, contact Shoeless

Current Tasks

:bulletorange: Warriors Guild Intro Comic Explanation

:bulletgreen: Rangers Guild Intro Comic Explanation

:bulletpurple: Thieves Guild Intro Comic Explanation

:bulletblue: Mages Guild Intro Comic Explanation




:star:Round 6 Deadline: 27th April 2014 11:59 PM EST:star:

:star: NPC Event 8 Deadline: 4th May 2014 11:59 EST:star:

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the delay, things have been quite hectic, and Event 8 become more delayed than it should have been. Thank you for being patient!


You may choose between one of three of the following objectives. Objectives marked with :bulletwhite: are for those on Einarr's side (Rangers and Warriors), those marked with :bulletblack: are for those on Reinhardt's side (Thieves and Mages), and those marked with :bulletyellow: are for Civillians.

:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: King Einarr's Forces :bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Under Sir William Ritter's lead, capture any opposes to the crown of Castelia and do not let them get to the castle!

:bulletblack:bulletblack: Prince Reinhardt's Forces :bulletblack::bulletblack:
With Milena and Damian's aid you are tasked to protect Prince Reinhardt from Sir William Ritter and his men and fight against the opposing forces that wish to stop you.

:bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletblack: Civilians/Others :bulletyellow::bulletwhite::bulletblack:
With forces marching on Castelia, a fight is sure to occur. Grab as many close possessions as you can and evacuate the city, so no civilian lives will be lost during the skirmish.


The deadline for this round is Deadline: 4th May 2014 11:59 EST so you have five weeks to complete your comics.  Remember, when your comic is finished and all pages are linked together, submit only the first page to the Event 8 folder!

Again, we ask that you link both your application and the applications of any other characters in the deviation description.

Other information

About badges, this is how they work:

:bulletblack: Competitors in the main competition, if we see you’ve submitted something to the main competition round that is going on whilst the event is taking place, you will automatically receive the badges; So if they’re ever knocked out they still have a chance at receiving the full set of badges.

:bulletblack: If you participate in this event and submit more than one entry, that is perfectly fine, but you will still only receive the one badge.

:bulletblack: Competitors to the main competition can also participate in the events if they wish to do so, but it is not necessary!

:bulletblack: If this is your fifth event you’ve taken place in, you will receive the fifth adn final badge, the Royal Badge
:bulletred:Please note there is no Royal Badge made yet, we will announce when it is completed.:bulletred:

:bulletblack: If this is your first, second, third or fourth event though you will receive the Peasants Badge or Merchants Badge or Nobles Badge or Court Badge.

:bulletblack: NPCs can receive their next pokémon after they receive the Merchants Badge so if this is your first event you will receive the Peasants Badge and will need to partake in another event in order to receive your next Pokémon!

:bulletblack: People who have egg pokémon can hatch them either during the round/event at the end of this Round/Event but they must be of the typing in your guild, okay?

:bulletblack: Even though the fifth badge is the last badge you acquire throughout the tournament you are still allowed to enter any more events that come along!

:bulletblack: One final note, the Royal Badge does not mean you are suddenly royalty, it is just a badge, that is all.

:bulletblack: We currently are no longer a supergroup, so there is no count down for this round, it all depends on if we can get another supergroup or not.

Where are the leaders?

:bulletblack: Reinhardt - outskirts of Castelia trying to get in to meet his brother
:bulletblack: Milena - Escorting Reinhardt, on the front lines
:bulletblack: Damian - Escorting Reinhardt, on the front lines
:bulletblack: Flea – In Driftveil recovering.
:bulletblack: William - Leading the charge against Reinhardt, Milena and Damian on the front lines
:bulletblack: Ibb - Back in white forest, progressing with restoration
:bulletblack: Einarr - A church just outside of the castle grounds
:bulletblack: Marcus - In the Castle, unaware of his potential arrest, but will try to escape.
More Journal Entries




Guild Leaders + Wingman



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FatalisKing 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this question might have already been answered but to which faction does the fairy type belong to?
andalsopineapples 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
None--Gen 6 Pokemon aren't to partake in this tournament. When the group started we only had Generations 1-5 and since it's in its final streak, we chose not to include Gen 6 Pokemon.
It doesn't.

This OCT was created and started before Gen 6 was announced and the mods and I decided before we even started the OCT that when Gen 6 was announced we wouldn't allow any of the new pokemon or the new typings.
Hello, sorry to bother you-and this has probably already been asked- but is the NPC event 8 still happening?
MocaNicoDA Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
damit, peobably woulda joined
What exactly IS Duality? I can tell it's a fantasy RPG of pokemon, but it seems like the fantasy comes from another game. Skyrim, maybe?
It's not an RPG.
It's an OCT = Original Character Tournament.
We aren't taking on anymore contestants.
Only spectators/NPCs, please refer to the FAQ.
The fantasy eliment of Duality is actually Medieval. Not fantasy.
Medieval as in the time period.
It is not based of Skyrim or Dragon Age or any other video games other than Pokemon.

Please read all the journals provided.
Alright. I was just curious. I wanted to better understand the group and series.
When will the Dissension event folder be up?
Soon, sorry I've been working out things IRL and need to make one, I'll get it up tomorrow okay? As well as the Round folder.
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